Conference, bowl and eat well at Hotel Årjäng

Conference package SEK 305 excluding VAT

We have conference rooms suitable for 10 guests and up to 80 guests.

Östra Silen and Västra Silen

Perfect meeting room for close discussion. The conference room can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests and is fully equipped. With soft light from the large windows.


Bright room for creative meetings in an inspiring environment, with beautiful views from the large panoramic windows. Perfect as a local for example. training, staff meetings or board meetings.

Conference room Stora Le

Perfect room for larger meetings in aula seating. Comfortable chairs with folding table top.
Flexible furniture , maximum number of 90 guests.

Stora Le
Östra Silen
Västra Silen
A fresh fruit platter holds the energy up
We have everything you need for a successful conference

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