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Payment & cancellation policy

General provisions and cancellation rules as recommended by the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Enterprises.
General and cancellation rules for group, event, wedding and conference bookings, please see further down the page.


You and the hotel agree on the terms of the room rental. Unless a special agreement has been reached, the following rules apply. Special rules also apply to conferences and group bookings. Ordering and confirmation An order is binding as it has been confirmed and you have received a booking number. This can be done orally, in writing or via a booking system. When ordering, you are required to state your name, address, telephone number, arrival and departure time and how payment is to be made. Of course, you also need to inform us if there are any food deviations.

Arrival and departure

The hotel room is at your disposal no later than 3 pm on the day of arrival. Departure day you must leave the room no later than 12 noon. Conference and group participants we ask to check out before 10.00. The room is reserved for arrival no later than 18.00. If you arrive later, you must notify the hotel in advance. Foreign guests are required to present a valid passport and pay on arrival.

Cancellation and non-arrival

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking, cancellation must be made no later than 18.00 the day before arrival. In case of no-show without cancellation or you cancel later than 15.00 on the day before arrival, you will pay for one day. If the hotel has had special costs as a result of your order, you will have to reimburse them.


Early departure and stay indefinitely

If you have ordered for a certain period of time but depart earlier, you will pay the same compensation as for late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hotel, you pay for another day. If you stay at the hotel indefinitely and extend your stay by one day at a time, you must notify departure at 3 pm the day before. Otherwise you have to pay for an extra day. If the hotel can no longer let you use the room, you have the right to know this no later than 15.00 the day before departure.

The hotel’s obligations and your own wishes

If the hotel cannot provide you with a room on arrival, as agreed, you have the right to get an equivalent or better room within the hotel or at hotels of similar standard at no additional cost. The hotel is non-smoking. In violation of the smoking ban, the hotel has the right to charge the costs.


The hotel bill must be paid when you receive it, usually upon arrival at the hotel. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Swedish cash (SEK) and Norwegian cash (NOK). Hotel Årjäng reserves itself for any price changes.

Storage, valuables, luggage and valuables in the room

The hotel is legally entitled, as security for the claim against a guest, to retain luggage and in some cases, according to established rules, to sell it as well. Your valuables can usually be stored in hotel safes. Do not leave luggage unattended in the lobby. The hotel can store your luggage in the locked luggage room. The hotel is responsible for ensuring that your property is not stolen if it is stored in the hotel’s locked areas, such as a safety deposit box and luggage room. If your property is of unusually high value, you are obliged to inform the hotel of this, otherwise the hotel is not liable for the full value of the property. The hotel has no obligation to store property of high value. The hotel has no strict responsibility for the property you keep in the hotel room.


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